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Welcome to the Micoud Primary School Site. We invite you to browse our site to learn more about Micoud Primary School’s School Year programs etc. Micoud Primary School (MPS) offers a progressive, all-round grade school education to our children of Micoud and its environment.
We are a bilingual society and now French is offered based on current brain and language research supporting our program. For at least twenty-five years now we have this firm understanding of its educational implications and the foundation of our curriculum and instruction. We likewise ground our work on mindfull practices to help our students learn to self-regulate and improve social-emotional skills in order to fully engage in today’s global and technological world.
At the Micoud Primary School, we value diversity. Aside from addressing the linguistic and cultural needs of our students, we offer an inclusive educational experience to those with varying needs, skills, and abilities. Fully qualified and dedicated teachers and staff collaborate to provide a comprehensive and challenging curriculum for all our students.
Interested in finding out about specific programs? Browse this website for information or book a school tour to visit our school. We hope to see you at the Micoud Primary School!

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