June 21, 2016


Admission Philosophy
The Micoud Primary School has always held an open admission policy. We understand the challenges of families having to relocate to other communities for numerous reasons. This is why parents can place requests for admission or transfers throughout the year. Applications for acceptance at MPS are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis. We have limited spaces and these cannot be guaranteed until an application is submitted, registration fees paid, and an assessment conducted.
MPS does not pre-screen children for intelligence and aptitude, not even those entering at Kindergarten level. We believe that children in the early years, regardless of inherent abilities, will thrive in an environment that is both academically stimulating and emotionally nurturing. Modern pedagogical studies show that foreign language immersion during the early years helps young children increase their mental agility (mathematics), abstract thought and pattern recognition (language and physical science), and creativity (language and social sciences). Minimum testing, however, may be conducted to determine the starting competencies of children with special needs, so instruction may be tailor-fitted to their needs.
Student transferees are not required to sit for any Assessment Tests except for Special Cases to determine their grade level competencies; to help us determine any learning gaps that need to be bridged in order for children to reach their full potential while enrolled at MPS.

Application and Enrollment Process
Admission Application and Interview or School Tour must be made through appointments at the Principal’s convenience. First there is an “Enrollment Package” to be filed then interviews and School Tours.

Enrollment Package
An Enrollment Package which includes an Application for Admission or Transfer can be obtained on request from the Ministry of Education or the child’s previous school. That same Package is available at the MPS from the secretary and or the Principal. The necessary forms may also be printed out or picked up at the School’s Main Office and filled out, with signed hard copies submitted directly to the Principal or the School’s Secretary.
Upon deciding to apply for admission to our school, we advise that parents check at least two weeks in advance with the Principal of the MPS to affirm the presence of vacant classroom space. The requests could be made through the means outlined in our in our “Contact Us” section.

Aside from submitting a completed Application Forms, the following documents are also required:
• student’s birth certificate;
• three passport size colored photos.;
• for pre-schoolers & kindergartners, medical immunization records; and
• for grade school transferees especially, a true copy of the student’s transcript of record or final report card from any previously attended schools.
Accompanying submission of the Enrollment Package is an Enrollment Registration Fee that may be paid directly to the Secretary or the Principal. A Special Education Assessment Fee may apply if parents would like to apply for admission and inclusion of their children with special needs.

Review and Acceptance
Applications for admission are considered or reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis only. A considered applicant may then sit required Assessment Tests immediately or parents will be contacted to schedule testing for another time, during regular school attendance. Students with special needs may have to sit in for Special Needs Assessments arranged by the school immediately on admission.

School Tour
School Tour is generally considered part of the Admission Process. There is no schedule for school tours as we try to accommodate parents at the time of their interview with the principal. During the tour of the facilities families are able to ask questions about the school and our programs, and probably stand by and observe the class of interest for a few minutes. Please call (+758) 454 4983 to set a school tour appointment.

Please Note: The Micoud Primary School has ZERO tolerance for anyone that exhibits indiscrete , rude and disrespectful behavior in person, online, or on the phone, towards any MPS director, officer, teacher, staffer, or student.

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